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Add and drop players in the Android Yahoo Fantasy app

Keeping your roster up to date is the quickest way to victory. Now you can manage it from anywhere using your mobile device. Add new players to your team or drop players who no longer make the cut.

Add players to your team

  1. From your team page, tap Add Player.
  2. Search for or browse available players.
  3. Tap the Add Player icon Add player icon. by any player you want.
  4. If necessary, select a player to drop so you have room for the new player.
  5. Tap Add & Drop or Next.
  6. Tap Confirm or Submit.

Drop players from your roster

  1. From your team page, tap a player.
  2. Tap Drop Player Drop player icon..
  3. Tap Yes, do it! or Drop from Roster to confirm.

If "Drop Player" is grayed out, that player is on the "Can't Cut" list and can't be dropped.