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Use Head-to-Head scoring in Yahoo Fantasy

Face off against a new manager each week for the best stats. Each week is considered a Game Week and you'll earn wins, losses, and ties based on how your team performed against your opponent's team. At the end of the season, the team with the best winning percentage is crowned champion. There are 3 types of Head-to-Head available, depending on which sport you're playing.

Breakdown of each Head-to-Head format

Head-to-Head (standard)

Each week, your goal is to get the best stats from your active players.

Tracked stat categories:

  • Each stat is considered 1 game per Game Week.
  • Games being won at any given time are shown on the league page.
  • Standings are finalized and added to your record at the end of each Game Week.
  • Stats reset at the start of each new Game Week.

W-L-T record:

  • Weekly wins, losses, and ties accumulate each week.
  • Your record is tracked in a Wins-Losses-Ties (W-L-T) format.
  • Your W-L-T record determines your standings and who wins the championship.

Head-to-Head One Win

This is identical to Head-to-Head (standard), except only 1 point is added to the W-L-T record per week.

  • 1 added to Win - The manager with the most games won.
  • 1 added to Loss- The manager with the most games lost.
  • 1 added to Tie - Both managers win the same number of games.

Head-to-Head Points

Play against a different team each week to earn the most total points, instead of winning stat categories! You’ll also only get 1 point added to your W-L-T record per week.

  • The commish defines how many points each tracked stat is worth.
  • See what your commish setup is in the "League" tab, by clicking Settings.
  • The total points earned in a week determine what's added to the W-L-T record:
    • 1 added to Win - The manager with the most points.
    • 1 added to Loss - The manager with the least points.
    • 1 added to Tie - Both managers have the same points.
  • Points reset at the start of a new Game Week.

Head-to-Head Points

With the Daily scoring option you will be able to set your team's lineup everyday.

Head-to-Head Weekly Points

With the Weekly scoring option you will only be able to set your team's lineup once a week, not daily.

Details on standings and tiebreakers

Winning percentage calculation based on your W-L-T record

This calculation is used to determine standings and is used for tiebreakers.

  • Calculation used: (Wins + [Ties * 0.5]) / Total Games Played = Winning Percentage
  • Example: If the W-L-T record is 22-15-3, the calculation is (22 + [3 * 0.5]) / 40 = 0.588

Regular season tiebreakers

In the playoffs? See how Basketball and Hockey or Baseball and Football playoff tiebreakers work.

Wild card

In Fantasy Football:
  • Total fantasy points (season total).
  • Fantasy points scored in the most recently completed matchup.
  • Fantasy points scored in the matchup two weeks prior (this continues until the tie is broken).
In Fantasy Hockey:
  • Win percentage.
  • Points (points leagues only).
  • Number of wins.
  • Recent week win percentages.
In Fantasy Baseball and Basketball:
  • Total points scored (only with Head-to-Head Points).
  • Highest winning percentage from the last game week. If there's still a tie, the process continues for each previous week until the tie is broken.

Division championship tie

  • The division winning percentage is used first.
  • If there's still a tie, the wild card method (above) is used.
  • If there's more than 2 managers tied for division champion, once the winner is determined, the remaining teams will use the wild card method only (division winning percentage is ignored).