Rotisserie (Roto) scoring system overview

If your league uses rotisserie scoring, you are literally playing against everyone in your league at the same time. This is different than head-to-head scoring. (Where you have a single opponent each week and keep standings based on wins and losses against your different weekly opponents.) 

  • With rotisserie scoring, fantasy teams are ranked from first to last in each of several statistical categories.
  • Each fantasy team receives points in each category based on how they rank in the league.
  • Each team's category points are totaled to determine their overall rotisserie score.

General Scoring

If you won every category, you could earn as many points as the number of categories in your league, multiplied by the number of teams in the league. Similarly, the lowest number of points that a team can earn is equal to the number of scoring categories multiplied by one. (The lowest score that can be achieved in any category.)

Let's say you're in a 10-team league, the team with the most points in a single category will receive 10 points, the team with the second most will receive 9 points, etc.

In the case of a tie, each team involved receives an average of the total points due—i.e., in the above example, if two teams were tied for first in a category, each would receive 9.5 points [(10 + 9) / 2 = 9.5].

So, if you were playing in a league with 10 teams and 12 scoring categories, the lowest point total possible is 10 [10 * 1 = 10] and the highest is 120 [10 * 12 = 120].

If you rank third in your league in every category, you would have 96 rotisserie points in the standings (8 roto points x 12 categories = 96).

The plus/minus figure in the Pts Change column of your standings reflects the cumulative change in your rotisserie points for the day.
- If you now rank third in every league category except one, in which you fell to fifth, you would have 94 rotisserie points (down from 96 the previous day) and the Pts Change column would show -2.

Rotisserie standings reflect cumulative season stats and not any single-day accumulation of stats. Your rotisserie total may change from day-to-day depending on how your rank in each category was impacted by each day's activity.