How points are scored in Yahoo Fantasy Golf

You've created the best Fantasy Golf team, now you've got to score big. Points are scored by your active foursome over 4 rounds. These scores will be updated by the morning following each round. All weekly totals and group standings will be available by Monday morning.

Tournament scoring

The lowest scoring golfer for each round will get 20 points. All others will earn points based on how many strokes they are behind the leader. Each stroke away from the lowest will receive 2 fewer points than the previous. Golfers 10 or more strokes back won't earn any points.

Example - If the round leader scores 67 and your golfer scores 70, you would earn 14 points.

If your golfer withdraws from the tournament, you'll need to remove him from your team or active foursome before the change deadline. We're not able to make retroactive roster changes or score adjustments to account for golfers who withdraw before or during the tournament.

  More than 1 real-life tournament? Yahoo will choose 1 to be the official Yahoo Fantasy Golf weekly tournament. The "Schedule" link on your Team page shows the upcoming events.

How bonus points work

You'll get bonus points for choosing a golfer who finishes in top 3 at the end of a PGA Tour event.

1st Place - 20 bonus points

2nd Place - 10 bonus points

3rd Place - 5 bonus points

The points will only be earned if the golfer was on your active foursome for at least 1 round.

If your golfer ties, full bonus points will be awarded to all golfers involved in a tie. We won't, however, award bonus points for third place if the tie occurs for second place.

Weekly finishes in private groups

Weekly finishes appear on private group standings and will show how many times a team has finished in the top of the group based on team points relative to the rest of your group.

The weekly finishes don't keep track of how many time you picked a tournament winner.

New group member scoring

When a new member joins a group, they'll carry over any previously earned points. Their score will display as 0 until the next time the standings are updated, usually after the next tournament.

Turn on Mulligan Scoring

Neither Yahoo nor the commish can edit lineups or assign points for previously completed tournaments or rounds.

In private groups, the commish can enable the "Mulligan" feature that lets all members of the group drop their lowest score in each segment. This only affects the group's standings and won't change the overall standings on public leaderboards.

From your group's homepage::

  1. Click Commissioner Tools.
  2. Click Edit Group Settings.
  3. Under "Mulligan Scoring Setting," select Drop 1 Week.
  4. Click Submit.