Supported Web browsers

Yahoo works best with the latest versions of the Web browsers listed below (excluding "beta" versions). If you're using an outdated or unsupported Web browser, some Yahoo features may not work properly.

Download a new Web browser

Click any of the Web browser names below to download the latest versions.

Update your current Web browser


  1. Click the Firefox Settings icon Three horizontal lines.
  2. Click Open Help Menu .
  3. Click About Firefox.
  4. Click Update Firefox.
    - If it says "Firefox is up to date" you already have the latest version.
  5. Restart Firefox.


  1. Click the Customize Chrome Icon Three horizontal lines.
  2. Click About Google Chrome
    - The "About" page opens. 
  3. Click Relaunch.
    - Note: Chrome automatically checks for the latest version.


  1. Click the Apple Menu icon .
  2. Click Software Update.
    - The "Software Update" window appears.
  3. If "Safari" is listed under "Update Available," click Update.
    - The Safari update will download and install automatically.

Note: If a Safari browser window is open, a pop-up will appear. Click Continue to complete the update.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Internet Explorer Settings icon Tools menu icon.
  2. Click About Internet Explorer.
  3. Select Install new versions automatically.
    - The "User Account Control" window appears.
  4. Click Yes.
    - The "User Account Control" window closes.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Restart Internet Explorer.

Unsupported browsers and operating systems

Unsupported browsers examples

The browsers in this list are typically no longer supported by their developer.

Unsupported operating systems

The operating systems in this list have known security issues or are no longer supported by their developer.

  • Mac OSx 10.6 and earlier
  • Microsoft Windows Vista and earlier
  • Linux - Yahoo works on Linux, however due to the open source nature of Linux, we cannot guarantee compatibility.

If you're still having trouble loading Yahoo pages using the latest version of your Web browser, try our steps to clear your cache and cookies or review our browser troubleshooting article.

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