About your Yahoo Fantasy Rating and Level

Ratings and Levels measure your performance against your opponents, based on your gameplay in Head-to-Head Leagues only. While the game is in season, it'll update each Tuesday for Football and every Monday for Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. At the end of each season you'll have a final Level and Rating.

About your Rating

Ratings range from 0 (lowest) to over 1,000. Your increase or decrease in rating depends on your team’s performance from the previous week. It factors in:

  • How often you win your match-ups - More wins = higher Rating.
  • Rating of your competition - Beating a higher-rated manager boosts your score more than beating a lower-rated one.
  • How well you have played most recently - Your performance from last season and this season has a much higher impact on your rating than prior seasons. As the season progresses, your Rating is weighted more heavily on the current season.
  • Number of leagues you play in - If you’re successful in more match-ups (i.e. you play in more leagues and win more often) the more your rating will increase.

About your Level

Your Level is based on your end-of-season Rating since 2009. Levels are broken into five categories grouped by Ratings and percentiles:

  • Diamond - 900+ Rating and 99th Percentile
  • Platinum - 800-899 and 95th-98th Percentiles
  • Gold - 700-799 and 81st-94th Percentiles
  • Silver - 600-699 and 60th-80th Percentiles
  • Bronze - 0-599 and 0-59th Percentile

    Where can I see my Rating and Level?

    On the mobile apps, go to the Match-up screen and tap on “Compare Managers”.

    • Compare managers will appear at the top of the Match-up screen before scoring starts.
    • It will appear at the bottom of the screen after scoring has started.
    • Tapping will display a list of stats comparing the managers in a match-up.
    • You can view ratings of any managers on any Match-up screens in your leagues.
    Ratings can be found on your team page or match-up page from a desktop web browser
    • Team page - Your Rating will show to the right of your team name.
    • Match-up page - Click the [vs.] symbol to see your team’s Rating.
    • The same as the mobile apps, you can view Levels and Ratings for any manager in your league.

    Why hasn’t my Level and Rating changed?

    In private fantasy leagues, managers have the ability to manage multiple teams under one Yahoo ID. This, unfortunately, would be why Levels and Ratings are not being updated. Only in leagues where each team has a different manager, would Levels and Ratings change.

    Additional stats shared along with Levels and Rating

    • Best finish - Highest level you’ve achieved playing the game.
    • Playing since - Year you first started playing.
    • Teams managed - Total number of teams you’ve managed.
    • Lifetime record and winning % - The W-L-T record and winning percentage over every match-up you have played since 2009.
    • Trophies won - Total number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies you’ve won since 2009.
    • First place trophies won - We think you get this one.