Track Fantasy achievements and history on your Profile

Your Yahoo Fantasy Profile lets you share your accomplishments with the world. Show off the medals and trophies you've earned, overall stats, and past performance info to keep the good times going all year long.

Earn trophies and medals


  • Click See All next to "Recent Medals" to view all medals you've ever earned.
  • Each sport awards a different set of medal for completing specific activities.
  • Each medal can only be earned once per season, per league.
  • Medals are awarded every week before stat corrections.
  • Mock drafts in the Fantasy app won't earn medals.


  • Trophies are awarded for the top 3 places in Yahoo Fantasy leagues or groups with 6 or more participants.
  • Most Fantasy trophies will post to your profile once all leagues for the game have completed their season.
  • Segment trophies for Fantasy Golf and Auto Racing post at the end of the Fantasy season.

View your Yahoo Fantasy history

Click on a team name under "Fantasy Games Archive" to get historical data for your teams and leagues.

To view info from your teams and leagues, click on any tab from the archive page:

  • Overview – An overview of the final standings in your league.
  • Full Standing – Overall points and stats for your league.
  • Managers – All manager info, including email address if not hidden.
  • Final Rosters – The final roster sets for your league.
  • Draft Results – Each team's results for every round of the league.
  • Settings – All settings as set by Yahoo or your commissioner.
  • Transactions – All transactions completed in the league.
  • Fantasy – Takes you to the Fantasy homepage.