Customize your Private League settings with commissioner tools

When you create a Custom or Private League, you become a commissioner and get to define the rules and settings that all managers in your league will use. You also have full control to manage your league the way you chose to -- Yahoo won't get involved in disputes between commissioners and managers. From your league page, just click Commissioner at the top to access your toolkit. Toolkits vary depending on sport.

League Settings tab

  • Edit or Add League Logo
  • Edit League Name
  • Unique League URL
  • Invite Permissions
  • Maximum Teams in League
  • Auto-renew league
  • Make League Publicly Viewable
  • League Pickem Game
  • Edit League Settings
  • Send Invites
  • Cancel Invitations
  • Assign Commissioner Access
  • Edit Commissioner's Note
  • Publish League
  • Convert to a Prize League
  • Email League
  • Delete League
  • Edit Player Waiver Dates
  • Edit League History
  • Cancel Contest

Rosters & Scoring tab

  • Scoring Settings
  • Edit Roster Positions

Schedules & Playoffs tab

  • Edit Schedules
  • Edit Divisions

Draft & Keepers tab

  • Change Draft Type
  • Change Draft Time
  • Keeper Player Status
  • Finalize Team List
  • Keeper Average Salary
  • Reset Draft
  • Edit Draft Order & Assign Keeper Players

Manage Other Teams tab

  • Lock teams
  • Edit League Dues
  • Transfer Teams
  • Remove Teams
  • Edit Rosters
  • Edit Transaction Numbers
  • Edit Waiver Priority
  • Free Agent Budget