Customize your Private League settings with commissioner tools

When you create a Custom or Private League, you become a commissioner and get to define the rules and settings that all managers in your league will use. You also have full control to manage your league the way you chose to -- Yahoo won't get involved in disputes between commissioners and managers. From your league page, just click Commissioner at the top to access your toolkit. Toolkits vary depending on sport.

Fantasy Football and Baseball

League management tools

Tool Description Availability Leagues
Edit League Name Change the name of your league and edit custom league URL. All Season All
Edit Commissioner's Note Change the contents of your note to the league. All Season All
Edit Player Waiver Dates Change the date that any player currently on waivers will become a free agent. All Season All
Edit League Settings Edit the configurations you chose during registration. Some settings can only be changed at certain times. Adjust settings like scoring options, stats used, or roster position minimums and maximums. Variable All
Edit Stat Categories Edit the scoring categories and point modifiers you chose during registration. Pre-Draft All
Edit Roster Positions Edit the roster positions you chose during registration. Variable All
Keeper Costs Manage keeper player's cost details to be displayed throughout the game. Requires that keeper players were set prior to your draft. Variable All
Keeper Player Status Set rules about when to indicate that a player is considered a Keeper Player. All Season All
Invite Friends Send email invitations with details for joining your league. Pre-Draft All
Cancel Invitations Updating the invite url to your league. Pre-Draft All
Publish League Add your league to the published list of available Custom Leagues. x All
Edit Divisions Change the names of each division, or reassign teams to different divisions. If you don't currently have divisions, but would like to, edit your league settings first. All Season Head-to-Head
Edit Schedules Customize matchups for each week of the season and set your League's Rivalry Weeks. All Season Head-to-Head
Edit Skipped Weeks (Football only) Edit the list of weeks that should not count towards head-to-head records, standings, and total season points. All Season All
Assign Commissioner Access Select a new commissioner or assign co-commissioner access to other league managers. All Season All
Edit League History Set the previous season(s) of your league to show the former winners and provide your league with instant access to archived seasons. All Season All
Roster Transaction Deadline (Baseball only) Change the date roster transactions for your league will go into effect. All Season All

Team management tools

Tool Description Availability Leagues
Edit Rosters Edit the roster of any team for any week. All Season All
Edit Team Points (Football only) Edit the point total for any team for the current and all past weeks. All Season All
Edit League Finances Keep tabs on of all of your league's finances. All Season All
Edit Transaction Numbers Edit the number of transactions made by a team. All Season All
Edit Waiver Priority Edit the waiver priority for any team. All Season All
Acquisition Budgets Manage each team's budget to claim waived players in a silent auction. Requires FAAB Waiver Priority league setting. All Season All
Lock Teams Prevent any team from making any actions. All Season All
Delete Teams Remove and/or ban any team from your league. Pre-Draft All
Transfer Teams Change the owner of an existing team. All Season All

Draft management tools

Tool Description Availability Leagues
Change Draft Type Choose from Live Online, Autopick, or Offline draft types. Pre-Draft All
Change Draft Date/Time Change the date and time of your league's draft. You must have draft type set to Live Draft. Pre-Draft Live
Finalize Team List Finalize the team list to prevent managers from joining or leaving the league, customize your league's draft order, and assign keeper players. Pre-Draft All
Edit Draft Order & Assign Keeper Players Set the draft position for each team in your league. Assign keeper league players for any team, in any round of the draft. Available after Finalizing the Team List, until approximately one hour prior to draft. Pre-Draft Live, Auto
Reset Draft Delete draft results in order to change stat categories or roster positions or if a manager missed the draft. Available until max resets reached. Post-Draft All

Fantasy Basketball and Hockey

League Settings tab

  • Edit or Add League Logo
  • Edit League Name
  • Unique League URL
  • Invite Permissions
  • Maximum Teams in League
  • Auto-renew league
  • Make League Publicly Viewable
  • League Pickem Game
  • Edit League Settings
  • Send Invites
  • Cancel Invitations
  • Assign Commissioner Access
  • Edit Commissioner's Note
  • Publish League
  • Convert to a Cash League
  • Email League
  • Delete League
  • Edit Player Waiver Dates
  • Edit League History
  • Cancel Contest

Rosters & Scoring tab

  • Scoring Settings
  • Edit Roster Positions

Schedules & Playoffs tab

  • Edit Schedules
  • Edit Divisions

Draft & Keepers tab

  • Change Draft Type
  • Change Draft Time
  • Keeper Player Status
  • Finalize Team List
  • Keeper Costs
  • Reset Draft
  • Edit Draft Order & Assign Keeper Players

Manage Other Teams tab

  • Lock teams
  • Edit League Dues
  • Transfer Teams
  • Remove Teams
  • Edit Rosters
  • Edit Transaction Numbers
  • Edit Waiver Priority
  • Acquisition Budgets