How and when winners are paid in Pro Leagues

We know you're in a hurry to collect your winnings! Payouts for Yahoo Fantasy Sports Pro Leagues occur shortly after the conclusion of that fantasy sport's playoffs.

About Pro League payouts

Payouts should occur shortly after the conclusion of the fantasy playoffs and will be deposited in to winners' Fantasy Wallet accounts, where the winnings can then be withdrawn via a linked PayPal account. You must have a linked PayPal account to withdraw your Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy winnings.

Link your PayPal account to Fantasy Wallet

From a Fantasy Sports homepage, like Yahoo Fantasy Football:

  1. Click Fantasy Wallet.
  2. Click Link account and sign in to your current PayPal account or create a new one.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish. You'll return back to your Fantasy Wallet.

When you'll be paid

Prize payouts will be deposited in to winners' Fantasy Wallet accounts shortly after the final scoring corrections have been sent by our data provider and we've verified the results.

Once the window for applying stat corrections has passed, you'll see a note at the bottom of your matchup page stating when stat corrections will be applied and your championship will be considered to be completed.

For more information, review the Yahoo Terms (TOS) and the PayPal User Agreement.

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