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Default league settings in Fantasy Football

Public Leagues use the same settings and scoring. Custom Leagues default to these settings if the commissioner doesn't change them during registration.


League type: Head-to-Head
Teams in a league: 10
Maximum roster size: 15
Maximum player acquisitions: No maximum
Maximum trades: No maximum
Trade rejection time: 2 days
Trade deadline: November 14, 2015
Waiver period: 2 days
Waiver type: Continual rolling list
Weekly waivers: Game Time - Tuesday
Playoffs: Week 15 & 16
(4 teams; 4 in consolation)
Bye weeks: None
League Pick'em: Yes
Fractional yardage points: Yes
Negative points: Yes
Starting roster: 1 QB; 3 WR; 2 RB; 1 TE; 1 K; 1 DEF/ST
Bench: 6 players (any position)

When you see a negative number in the points list, it means that points are removed from a player’s total for that play.
- For a key to the statistics names, see Fantasy Football - Scoring category abbreviations

Offensive statistics and scoring points

Every 25 passing yards: 1 point
Each passing TD: 4 points
Each interception thrown: -1 points
Every 10 rushing yards: 1 point
Each rushing TD: 6 points
Every 10 receiving yards: 1 point
Each receiving TD: 6 points
Each return TD: 6 points
Each Off Fum Ret TD: 6 points
Each 2-point conversion: 2 points
Each fumble lost: -2 points

Kicking statistics and scoring points

Field goal 0-19 yards: 3 points
Field goal 20-29 yards: 3 points
Field goal 30-39 yards: 3 points
Field goal 40-49 yards: 4 points
Field goal 50+ yards: 5 points
Each extra point: 1 point

Defensive statistics and scoring points

Each sack: 1 point
Each interception: 2 points
Each fumble recovery: 2 points
Each touchdown: 6 points
Each safety: 2 points
Each blocked kick: 2 points
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points
Shutout: 10 points
1-6 points allowed: 7 points
7-13 points allowed: 4 points
14-20 points allowed: 1 point
21-27 points allowed: 0 points
28-34 points allowed: -1 points
35+ points allowed: -4 points


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