Change your draft's date, time, or type

Need to postpone your draft until later in the day or change your draft type? Here's how to make changes to your custom league's draft.

Custom league drafts

If you're the league's commissioner, you alone have the power to make changes to your league's draft.

  1. From your league's homepage, click Commissioner.
  2. Under "Draft Management," click Change Draft Time or Change Draft Type.
  3. Select your desired date/time or type.
  4. Click Change Draft Time or Change Draft Type.

  Keep in mind

  • Not all draft times may be available to be rescheduled on the same day.
  • If you reset your draft, you'll need to allow at least 90 minutes before you can schedule a new draft time.

Public and pro leagues drafts

Due to the way managers are placed in to public and pro leagues, draft times and types can't be changed.

If you aren't going to be able to make it to your league's draft in time, you can remove your team from the league as long as the deadline for doing so has not passed.

You also can pre-rank players and the system will make your picks for you during the draft.