Conduct an offline Fantasy draft

In an offline draft, your league conducts its own draft without the aid of the Yahoo Sports computers (via telephone, in a meeting, via email, etc.) The format of an offline draft is up to the league commissioner and managers.

When the draft is done, the league Commissioner must submit the results to us via the Submit Draft Results tool available on the Commissioner tab.

Please note: No teams will be able to join a league once any portion of the draft results have been entered.

When submitting Standard draft results, the Commissioner has the following options:

  • Setting basic draft order as Snaking or Non-Snaking
  • Players can be added by team or round 
  • Creating a fully custom order that is not limited to the same order each round, and with multiple picks in a round to account for draft pick trades
  • Any player may be marked a keeper

When submitting Auction draft results, the Commissioner has the following options:

  • Players can be added by team only
  • If a player doesn't have a pre-draft value, then the default salary is set to the Yahoo! default salary
  • Salaries must be a whole number between $0 and $999
  • Each team's total salary, budget, and last saved time stamp will be displayed and updated on each save
  • If commissioner enters an invalid dollar amount, they will see a display error saying: "Please enter valid dollar amounts for player costs"
  • Any player may be marked a keeper

When submitting your offline draft results, you may submit portions of the draft in separate sessions, or all at once.

Each time you save your draft results, they will be published on the "Draft Results" page for your league members to view.

You may then return at a later time to complete another round, or the rest of the draft.

To enter your offline draft results:

  1. Make sure you've signed in to your fantasy team.
  2. Click Commissioner.
  3. Under "Keeper Management," click Finalize Team List to lock teams in place.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. In Steps 2 and 3, the Commissioner can select from the following options:
    • Standard or Auction draft
    • Setting the draft or nomination order
    • (Standard draft only) A Snaking (team with first pick in Round 1 has the last pick in Round 2) or Non-Snaking (team with first pick in Round 1 has the first pick in subsequent rounds) draft order
  6. Click Continue.
  7. In Step 4, you submit your results. Select a player from the Player List | click the right arrow to add the player to a team.
    • If it's a Keeper league, select the check box to designate a keeper.
    • If it's an Auction draft, type the auction cost (the Yahoo! default value will display) in the box.
    • Remove a player by selecting them from the draft order and clicking the left arrow.
  8. Save your progress at any time by clicking Save Progress.
  9. Save your progress at any time and exit the tool by clicking Save & Exit.
  10. After you've finished entering all draft picks, click Save & Begin Season.

All players will appear on the following day's roster and be placed on the bench.

Please note: Don't select Save & Begin Season until all draft results have been entered. Once you select Save & Begin Season, then the draft will be over, even if there are unfilled draft and roster spots, and all players not added to a roster will be subject to the post-draft waiver rules established in your league.

The waiver claim priority list for leagues using the offline draft method is initially set by the reverse of the order in which teams joined the league. As a result, the last team to join the league will have the highest waiver claim priority position, and so on.