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Autopick draft overview

When you're unable to draft players for yourself, Yahoo autopick will make intelligent choices for you. 

How Autopick works

  • The auto-pick system first selects the highest-rated available player that can fill one of the open starting positions on your roster. It then determines the appropriate bench positions and fills them.
  • All player selections are based first on your pre-rankings and then on Yahoo’s default rankings.
  • Specific positions cannot be designated to be selected in specific rounds of the draft. All autopicks are made based on pre-ranking.
    • Example: It is not possible to tell our Autopick system to draft a shortstop in the first round, a relief pitcher in the second round, and an outfielder in the third round.
  • You can participate in an autopick draft just like you did during mock drafts.
  • Autopick is used when:

Pre-Ranking Players

  • Regardless of your league type, it's always good idea to pre-rank players in case you miss any part of the draft.
    • If you sign up for a public autopick league, you might end up being placed in a live draft league (including auction draft leagues) in need of managers. If this happens, your team is still auto-picked.
    • Note: If you pre-rank your players, you will not be placed in an auction draft. If you are auto-drafting and you do not want to participate in an auction draft, be sure to pre-rank you players.
  • There are several ways to open the page for pre-ranking players:
    • From your team page, click Pre-Draft Player Rankings.
    • From the "My Team" section, Roster page, click Pre-Draft Player Rankings.
    • From "Draft Central", select Edit My Rankings

Active and Bench Picks

  • All starting positions are filled before any bench players are chosen.
  • The system determines a maximum number of players to draft per position (starters plus bench) so that your roster doesn’t end up with too many players at any single position.


  Caution: The auction draft format is specifically designed for live drafts. The "autopick" functionality was only added to ensure drafts are completed at their scheduled times. The draft strategy involved in Auction formats is not autopick friendly, as we must include limits on what we allow the system to bid for each player. With this hard limit in place, it is very difficult for an autopick team to obtain top quality players, as managers who are live drafting will typically outbid the hard maximum that is in place.

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