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Customize pre-draft player rankings

Got a busy schedule, but still want to make sure your fantasy draft plays out the way you want it? By setting pre-draft player rankings, you'll be able to rank player priorities and then let auto-draft do the work for you. 

If you plan to draft your team using autopick (or even if you're live drafting), it's a good idea to pre-rank your players -- all autopicks are made based on your pre-set rankings.

All players have default rankings based on their past and expected performance, but you'll likely get more players that you really want by custom ranking them ahead of time.

Most managers only rank 25-30 players. All players left unranked are added to the end of your list using their default rankings. So, if you rank 25 players, player 26 will be the top-ranked player remaining based on the default rankings, and so on.

Lastly, make sure not to rank players position by position. Autopick will draft your starters, but then draft as many players of one position as your bench will alllow before moving on to other positions.

  Exporting pre-rankings - Plan to manage more than one team? Fill out your custom rankings one time, then use them again! Learn how by reading our "Export pre-rankings" help article.

Customize player rankings for a standard draft

  1. From your league's Overview page, mouse over Draft | select Pre-Draft Rankings.
  2. Click Edit My Pre-Draft Player Rankings.
  3. Select players your preferred and do not draft lists:
    • Click the left arrow - Add player to "Do Not Draft."
    • Click the right arrow - Add player to "Preferred Players."
  4. Under "Preferred Players," click and drag players adjust custom rankings.
    - Click Load More Players if you want to rank more than just the top 50 players.
  5. Click Save periodically to save your progress.

Customize player rankings for an auction draft

  Caution - Auction drafts are designed for live drafts and the strategy involved isn't autopick friendly. If you don't set custom values, the system can only bid up to 120% of the default player value.

  1. From your league's Overview page, mouse over Draft Central | select Pre-Draft Values.
  2. Click Edit Pre-Draft Values.
  3. Under "My Value," enter your preferred max bid.
    - Click Next to edit more than 50 values.
  4. Click Save Progress periodically.
  5. Click Done.

"Do Not Draft" list

Players added to the "Do Not Draft" list won't be drafted via autopick under any circumstances, even if you have an open starting roster position, and no eligible players are available.

Make sure you're only using the list when you're absolutely positive you don't want to draft a player (because of injury, performance concerns, personal preference).

  Missing "Draft Central" in your league? If you don't have access to the pre-ranking section, it's either because:

  • You're in an autopick league and your team to "Ready." Change your status to "Not Ready" to restore access to the pre-rankings.
  • Your league's commissioner changed the draft type to "Offline." Contact the commissioner and let them know want access.


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