About StatTracker

StatTracker enhances your Fantasy Sports experience by monitoring the progress of your teams and leagues in real-time.

Scores and standings are updated as games happen for your Head-to-Head Matchups, your Rotisserie League rankings, and more.

Fixing common problems

If StatTracker isn't loading your Fantasy Sports teams or leagues, clear your browser's cache.

StatTracker can also experience issues when used in conjunction with pop-up blockers or anti-spyware programs. If you have one or both of those in place, try disabling them if you're having problems with the applet.

If you're trying to access StatTracker from behind a firewall or via a proxy server, contact the manufacturer of the firewall or proxy server for assistance.

System requirements

StatTracker requires Adobe Flash Player. For more information about OS requirements for Flash, please visit the Flash system requirements page.

Supported browsers and OS

  • Windows: 7, Vista, XP
  • Mac: OS X+

Connection speed

You'll also have more success streaming StatTracker on broadband connections, such as:

  • DSL
  • Cable modem
  • T1 or faster

Dial-up connections are not recommended.