Fantasy Football Pro Leagues

If you've ever played Yahoo Sports Free Fantasy Football, then you'll already know how to play and most of the rules for Pro Leagues -- they're virtually the same game, except for the pricing…and the payouts!


Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Pro Leagues is a skill competition against others to win cash prizes using your knowledge and skill in assembling and managing a fantasy football team made of real-life NFL players. The better your players perform in real-life games, the more value they bring to your fantasy team.

Your goal: Field a better team and score more points than your opponent each week.

After reading this FAQ, don't forget to read the Official Rules and Additional Terms of Service for Pro Leagues which govern your participation and eligibility in the game.

If there’s a conflict between the Official Rules, Additional Terms of Service, and/or these instructions, the Official Rules always have the final say.

Playing Season

All Pro Leagues run over a 14-week Fantasy Regular Season schedule, followed 2-weeks of Fantasy Playoffs -- all taking place during the first 16 weeks of the NFL regular season.

  • Fantasy Regular Season - NFL regular season weeks 1-14
  • Fantasy Playoffs - NFL regular season weeks 15-16

The Fantasy Regular Season kicks off at the beginning of week 1 of the NFL regular season, and you'll play one game each week ("Game Week").

Game Weeks take place over a Tuesday-Monday (7 day) schedule, beginning each Tuesday morning at midnight PT and ending the following Monday night at 11:59:59 PM PT, or at the conclusion of the final Monday night game if it hasn't completed by then.

If a Game Week is already underway when your league drafts, your league won't begin play until the start of the following Game Week and its Fantasy Regular Season will be shortened accordingly. For more information, see the dates and deadlines for the current season.

Format and Scoring

All Pro Leagues use the same format (10 teams, public, use the same standard settings, are scored in a head-to-head format) and are offered in 4 competition levels:

  • PRO20 ($20 entry fee)
  • PRO50 ($50 entry fee)
  • PRO100 ($100 entry fee)
  • PRO250 ($250 entry fee)

You can sign up for as many Fantasy Football Pro Leagues as you want -- there's no limit!

Once you're signed up, you'll be randomly placed in a league with other managers who have chosen the same competition level and draft type, date, and time.

Each Game Week, you'll square off in a match-up against another manager's team. During that Game Week’s NFL games, each team's players earn fantasy points for their performances in a variety of real-life statistical categories. If your team's players score more points than the other team's, you win!

For more details, see our scoring FAQ and default league format overview.


When you sign up for your team, you'll select a draft type (Standard or Auction), draft date, and draft time. If all 10 slots are filled by the time your draft is scheduled to start, your league will conduct a live, online draft to determine the rosters for each team.

If there are any empty slots when your league is scheduled to draft, your league will be disbanded and everyone will be issued a credit for use towards a team in another Pro League (you'll automatically be issued a refund if you don't use your credit before registration closes).

For more drafting details, see our draft type overview or the differences between Standard and Auction drafts.

Managing Your Roster

Once your draft is complete, your team will have a full roster of starting and bench players. If don't make any changes, your starting line-up will consist of the starters that you designated during the draft.

Throughout the season, it’s up to you to make adjustments to your roster based on your knowledge and skill in evaluating how your players are performing.

You can manage the players on your team by moving them between starting and bench positions, adding or droping them through waivers or free agency, or by trading them with other teams. Keep in mind, there are deadlines for when roster moves can take place.


In the NFL, teams use "waivers" to make a player's rights available in a way that gives every other team a fair chance to claim them.

Just like in the pros, Pro Leagues feature a waiver system that builds upon the real-life waiver concept in a number of ways.

Learn more about our waiver system using our waivers overview.

Free Agents

All players not currently on a team in your league (and who are not currently on waivers) are considered free agents.

Free agents may be acquired by any manager in the league on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about the free agency system using our free agency overview.


A trade consists of two teams exchanging players with each other. Learn how to conduct trades (and how they're reviewed for fairness) in our trading overview.

Trades can be executed anytime after your league drafts up until your league's trade deadline.

Playoffs and Winning

At the conclusion of Game Week 14, Pro Leagues match the top 4 teams in the standings against each other in a 2-week playoff for bragging rights... and cash payouts!

Get a full rundown of the playoff system by reviewing how playoff match-ups are determined, as well as the regular season and playoff tiebreaker rules.

When it's all said and done, each league's top-3 managers will be paid out based on how they faired in the playoffs.

  • League Champion
    • PRO20 Leagues: $100
    • PRO50 Leagues: $250
    • PRO100 Leagues: $500
    • PRO250 Leagues: $1,250
  • League Runner-Up
    • PRO20 Leagues: $60
    • PRO50 Leagues: $150
    • PRO100 Leagues: $300
    • PRO250 Leagues: $750
  • League Second Runner-Up
    • PRO20 Leagues: $20
    • PRO50 Leagues: $50
    • PRO100 Leagues: $100
    • PRO250 Leagues: $250