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Scoring categories in Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy Basketball uses the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation Description
GP Games Played
GS Games Started
MIN Minutes Played
FGA Field Goals Attempted
FGM Field Goals Made
FG% Field Goals Percentage
FTA Free Throws Attempted
FTM Free Throws Made
FT% Free Throws Percentage
3PTA 3-point Shots Attempted
3PTM 3-point Shots Made
3PT% 3-point Percentage
PTS Points Scored
OREB Offensive Rebounds
DREB Defensive Rebounds
REB Total Rebounds
AST Assists
ST Steals
BLK Blocked Shots
TO Turnovers
A/T Assist/Turnover Ratio
PF Personal Fouls
DISQ Times Fouled Out
TECH Technical Fouls
EJCT Ejections
FF Flagrant Fouls
DD Double Double
TD Triple Double