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Overview of scoring in Yahoo Fantasy

No matter how you play, Yahoo Fantasy is about competing against others for best player stats. Yahoo offers several scoring options so that you can find the right format for you and your league. Use this guide to get familiar with the basics of scoring.

Available scoring types

Each sport and each league type vary in which scoring formats they offer.

  • Head-to-Head - Weekly matchups for best weekly stats. 3 formats to pick from.
  • Points Only - Season-long accumulated points against your entire league.
  • Rotisserie - Season-long accumulated stats against your entire league.
    • Not available in Fantasy Football or College Fantasy Football

When are stats counted?

  • Only active players (not benched) at the time of their game earn stats for your team.
  • If you add a new player, you won't gain stats they earned before they joined your team.
  • If a play is eligible for multiple stat categories, all tracked stats are counted. Example:
    • If a batter hits a home run, they're credited with a Home Run, Hit, RBI, and Run.

Percentage-based stat tiebreakers

  • Rounded figures - Percentage-based stats (like batting averages) show as rounded to the hundredth or thousandth decimal point in the interface.
  • Breaking a tie - Yahoo tracks the actual figures behind the scenes and uses these to identify a winner when the rounded number is a tie. Any time a category is won using this tie breaking method, an asterisk shows by the winner's stat.

Updates to fix incorrect live scoring stats

The MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA issue stat corrections daily (as needed, while in season). We process the stat corrections during our regular nightly update.

  • Regular nightly updates - All official player scoring, live data corrections, and league standards are updated by 8 a.m. P.T. for the previous day's games.
  • Pending stat corrections - Anything not corrected by 8 a.m. P.T. is likely pending for your league. Check for pending or completed corrections under Players | Stat Corrections.
  • Head-to-Head corrections - If stat corrections aren't received by 11:59 p.m. P.T. at the end of the Game Week, they won't be applied as that week's Head-to-Head is no longer active.

Sport-specific events and how they affect Game Weeks


  • Opening Day - Make sure you complete your draft by your league's deadline before the first game of the season or your team's scoring will not start until Game Week 2.
  • Play-in games - Extra games used to determine playoff spots aren't counted in Fantasy.
  • All-Star week - The 2 weeks surrounding the All-Star break are counted as 1 Game Week in Fantasy and stats are accumulated for non-All-Star games in the 14 day period. Roster deadlines, innings-pitched minimums, and weekly transaction limits aren't changed.