About position eligibility in Fantasy Hockey

Position eligibility is determined by our NHL coordinator using a combination of the player's listed position with the NHL, past performances, depth charts, and starting lineups. Significant trends will result in a player being eligible for a secondary position.

Custom Position Eligibility

Commissioners can use this tool to award players position eligibility that they haven't earned by Yahoo Fantasy's standards yet. Keep in mind, this tool will only allow commissioners to add positions to a player's eligibility, not remove or edit them. In Fantasy Hockey, you won't be able to assign Forwards or Defensemen with Goalie eligibility and vice versa.  

  1. From Yahoo Fantasy, hover over Fantasy Home | click See all Fantasy games.
  2. Select Fantasy Hockey.
  3. Select your league.
  4. Click the Commissioner tab.
  5. Click the Rosters & Scoring tab.
  6. Click Custom Position Eligibility