Games Played and Innings Pitched restrictions in Fantasy Baseball

Rotisserie and Fantasy Point Leagues


  • Stats for players in capped positions still show on your team's page in StatTracker, but won't be included in the team totals. The stats will be included in the team total on your team page, but they won't be included in your team's season totals and will be removed during our nightly system update.
  • If your league uses more than one of any position, the allowable total for those positions will be the sum of each individual spot. So, if you allow a maximum of 162 games per position and have three outfield spots on your roster, you will have a total of 486 combined outfield games.

Public Leagues

Position Max Usage Determining Games Played or Innings Pitched
Non-Pitchers 162 games Player appears in a game as a:
  • Hitter
  • Pinch Runner
  • Defensive Replacement
Note: The player doesn't need to record an at-bat.
Pitchers 1,400 innings Whenever a pitcher records an out, they'll be credited with 1/3 innings pitched.

Stats for each position stop accumulating once the sum of all players used in it reach the maximum.

Private Leagues

Based on your commissioner's selection, Private leagues can use either Public league settings or custom limits selected using the Edit League Settings tool.

Hitting your limit

On the day your team hits one of the limits, all players active on that day at that position will receive credit for their stats.

From that point forward, players at the capped position will stop accumulating stats.

On the day your cap is met, it's possible to exceed the max games/innings limit for your league. Every team has that ability, and Yahoo Sports will never determine who you do/don't get credit for on that day.


  • You have 3 OF positions and 1 game left at OF before you hit the cap. If you start three OF players on the day the maximum is to be reached, you'll get credit for all three players, and exceed the maximum by 2 games.
  • You have 2 IPs left, but you start three pitchers and have two relievers who combine to pitch 21 2/3 IPs on the day you hit the cap. You will receive credit for all stats pitched in all 21 2/3 innings that day, and you will exceed the cap by 19 2/3 innings.

Managing your games played pace

The "Maximum Games" chart at the bottom of your team page outlines your maximum and actual games played information. Here's a rundown of what you'll see:

Position players

  • The number of games played
  • The number remaining toward your Position Maximum
  • Your projected number of games played
  • The Position Maximum


  • The number of innings pitched
  • The number remaining toward your Innings Maximum
  • Your projected number of innings pitched
  • The Innings Maximum

Projections vs the Position Max

  • Projected to finish below the max - The amount below the limit is displayed in black.
  • Projected to finish exceeding the max - The amount above the limit is displayed in red.

How substituting can affect your games played pace

The 162-game Major League Baseball schedule is contested over a period of 180 calendar days.

If you set your lineup at the beginning of the season and never change it, all players will reach the games played limit on the final day of the season (assuming default settings, no injuries occur, and no player takes a day off).

If you regularly sub players from your bench into active positions whenever starters have days off, you'll likely be ahead of your games played pace. For example, if your shortstop plays every day and you still swap him out with another player from your bench on his team's days off, you'll be on pace to accumulate 180 games instead of just 162 at that position.

Steps to take when you're ahead of pace

  • Suspend the practice of subbing players when your starter has a day off
  • Bench your normal starter when scoring conditions for him are unfavorable (on the road, tough opponent, tough pitcher, etc.)

Head-to-Head Leagues

  Important: It's not possible to configure a Head-to-Head league to have either a weekly or season maximum games or innings limit. 

Public/Pro leagues: The active members of a pitching staff must throw at least seven (7) total innings each week. Should a staff fail to meet this requirement, that team will automatically lose all five of the pitching categories.

Private leagues: A private league commissioner can customize the minimum innings pitched requirement. If you don't meet the requirement, you'll lose all pitching categories in your league.

The number of innings a team has pitched each week can be seen in the Minimum Innings Pitched box at the bottom of your team page.