Maximums or minimums for Games Played and Innings Pitched in Fantasy Baseball

Maximum games played, along with maximums or minimums for innings pitched, make strategizing more important than ever.

Head-to-Head Leagues

Max games played and pitcher inning limits aren't available for Head-to-Head Leagues. However, there may be a Minimum Innings Pitched requirement for your league.

Private Leagues

Private League commissioners can customize the Minimum Innings Pitched requirement. If you don't meet the requirement you'll lose in every pitching category used by your leagues.

Public and Pro Leagues

The default Minimum Innings Pitched requirement for these leagues is 7 total innings. If this requirement isn't met then you'll automatically lose in all 5 of the pitching categories.

Rotisserie and points leagues

Stats for players in capped positions still show on your team page in StatTracker, but won't be included in your team's totals. They'll be removed during our nightly update.

Public Leagues


  • Max usage - 1,400 innings.
  • Determining Innings Pitched - Whenever a pitcher records an out they'll be credited for 1/3 of an inning.
  • Max usage - 162 games.
  • Determining games played - When a player appears in a game as a batter, pinch runner, or defensive replacement they'll be credited with a game played.

Private Leagues

Private League commissioners can set custom limits in their league's settings.

Reaching your limit

On the day your team hits one of the limits:

  • All active players in that position will be credited their stats, making it possible to exceed the max games or innings pitched limit.
  • Moving forward, players at the capped position will stop accumulating stats and won't contribute to your team's overall fantasy point total.
If your league uses more than one of any position, the allowable total for those positions will be the sum of each individual spot.