Can't Cut list for Fantasy Baseball

Since nobody wants a disgruntled owner to throw off competitive balance of your league dumping their quality players, Yahoo Sports maintains a "Can't Cut" list made up of players that can't be dropped from a team under any circumstances.

Our experts maintain the list daily and update based on real-life player performance, injuries, and your feedback.

Injured players aren't automatically removed from the list since we give consideration to the length of time that a player is expected to miss and their projected value when they return.

If underachieving players are listed, it's because our experts feel they have more long-term value than any other potential free agent player at their position.

  Make your voice heard! Voice your opinion about a particular player to us directly in the Fantasy Baseball feedback forum. We can add or remove players at any time, but we can't comment about future/potential actions.

Disabling the Can't Cut list in private leagues

The Can't Cut list is designed for standard 12-team Public and Pro Leagues, but it can be disabled by commissioners in smaller, Custom Leagues..

  1. On your league's homepage, click Commish Tools
  2. Click Edit League Settings
  3. Using the "Can't Cut list provider" drop-down, select None

  Want to use a custom list? Custom League commissioners can remove players using the "Edit Rosters" tool under "Team Management" in their Commish Tools. Heads up though, players dropped in this fashion skip waivers and immediately become free agents.

Can't Cut List

View the list by selecting Players | Can't Cut List from your league's homepage.