View or disable the Can't Cut List in Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo Fantasy Sports tries to keep the competition balanced and fair by maintaining a 'Can't Cut List' of players that can't be dropped under any circumstances. The purpose of this list is to keep managers from dumping their highest performing players. Our experts maintain the list daily and update based on real-life player performance, injuries, and your feedback.

View the Can't Cut List

  1. Go to your league's home page.
  2. Mouse over Players.
  3. Click Can't Cut List.
Injured or underachieving players aren't automatically removed from the Can't Cut List. Both injury severity and long-term player value are considered before a decision is made.

Disable the Can't Cut List in Private Leagues

Commissioners in Private Leagues can disable the Can't Cut List feature.
  1. Go to your league's home page.
  2. Click Commissioner | Edit League settings.
  3. Select None from the Can't Cut List provider drop-down menu.

  Public and Pro Leagues - The Can't Cut List feature can't be disabled for these leagues.