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Continuous waivers in Fantasy Sports

Level the playing field in your custom league and prevent the weekly mad dash for free agents by enabling "continuous" waivers so that all unclaimed players are on waivers at all times.

In standard leagues, all unclaimed players become free agents after a brief waiver period. Once that period is up, players who weren't claimed are eligible to be picked up by any team.

When a commissioner enables "continuous" waivers in their custom league, all unowned players are on waivers at all times.

Continuous waivers cause dropped players to remain on waivers for a fixed number of days before they can be claimed, and all waiver claims are processed on fixed days each week.

Tips when using continuous waivers

  • They're especially useful for leagues that use FAAB waivers since all unowned players would require a bid in order to be added to a team.
  • When combined with "Daily - Today" roster changes, players are immediately eligible on their team after the waiver claim processes (in games other than Fantasy Football).

Enabling and disabling continuous waivers

  1. On your league's homepage, click Commissioner.
  2. Click Edit League Settings.
  3. Using the "Waiver Mode" drop-down, select Continuous.
         - Disable continuous waivers by selecting Standard.
  4. Under "Process Waivers on," select the days you'd like waivers to process.
  5. From the "Time players are on waivers" drop-down, select how many days before dropped players can be claimed.
  6. Click Submit.

Avoid changing waiver types midseason - Learn the potential issues in our help article about switching to continuous waivers after your season starts.

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