The Disabled List (DL) roster spot in Fantasy Baseball

DL (Disabled List) eligibility

A player will only be eligible for the DL position in Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball if he is listed on the official MLB Injury Report and was placed on the DL by his respective team. If a player is injured it doesn't mean the player is automatically placed on the MLB disabled list.  It's up to the MLB team to designate a player for the MLB disabled list and not up to Yahoo's discretion.

  • Timing - Players will be made eligible for the DL position in Yahoo Sports as soon as possible after they are placed there in real life. This may not occur until the morning following the transaction, during our nightly system update.
  • On game day - A player can be activated from the MLB disabled list on the day of a game. If a Fantasy manager places them into their active lineup for that day, they'll receive scoring for the statistics earned by that player.
  • Team's intention - A team can announce that a player will be placed on the DL. This only indicates the club's intention to place him on the DL. Until the player is actually put on the official MLB DL, he cant be placed into the DL position in Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball.
    • All-Star Game - Several teams announce players will be placed on the DL around the All-Star break. These players are only eligible once that has officially occurred.
    • Prior to the season - Most actual transactions won't take place until just prior to that particular team's first game of the season. This means that the player will be given DL status following the nightly update after their team plays their first regular-season game.

Place a player on the DL

  • All Public Leagues have one DL spot, while Private League Commissioners can choose to have up to 5 DL positions.
  • Players can't be added directly from the Available Players list into the DL spot on your roster unless your commissioner has enabled the abillty to do so in the League Settings.
  • When a player receives DL status in the game, it'll show as one of their eligible positions.
    • Classic mode: From the position pulldown menu, select DL | Submit Changes.
    • Drag and Drop mode:
      1. Click and hold on the player.
      2. Drag him to the DL position and drop
      3. Click Submit Changes.
  • This will create the DL spot, and you'll be able to pick up another player from the Available Players pool without dropping a player.

Note: When you move a player to the DL spot and wish to claim a new player, make sure that the injured player has been moved to the DL spot for both today and tomorrow's lineups.

Activate a player from the DL

  • In order to activate a player from your Fantasy DL, your roster must have an opening for an active player. If your league uses Daily - Tomorrow roster moves, players dropped to waivers remain active on your roster for the day they are dropped.
  • Consequently, if your roster is full and you drop a player to waivers, an empty roster position is created for the following day, but your roster remains full for the current day. The player on your DL can only be activated for the following day's games. The exception to this would be if you have another player on your roster eligible for the DL. If that is the case, you may move the player currently on your Fantasy DL to an active roster position and replace him with another player eligible for the DL.

Note: When you move a player out of the DL spot, make sure that they have been removed from the DL spot for both today and tomorrow's lineups.

Stash players on the DL

  • Once on the DL, a player can stay there for the entire season, even if they return to real-life action. However, once a player comes off the real-life DL, you won't be able to complete any transactions that involve adding a player to your team until you remove them from your team's DL.
  • You'll be able to make intraroster moves (switching players between bench and active), regardless of a player's real-life DL status, as well as drop a player from your roster in order to open up a roster spot to activate the player from the DL.
  • You can also use your bench spots to house injured players. If you have no available DL or bench positions, or if your league doesn't allow them, you'll need to drop the injured player from your roster if you want to pick up another player.