Enable a 2 week championship matchup

Commissioners: make your league's champion really earn their title by extending out the championship matchup week to 2 weeks.

Enable 2 week championship

  Important - The option for commissioners to enable a 2 week championship is only available in Head-to-Head leagues.

From your league's homepage:

  1. Click Commissioner.
  2. Click Edit League Settings.
  3. Scroll to "Only apply in Head-to-Head leagues."
  4. Next to "Playoff Weeks," select an option that has "2 week championship" listed in parentheses.
  5. Click Submit.

Impacts to your league

Enabling 2 week championship impacts the following:

  • Lineup Changes - If your league allows weekly lineup changes, managers will be allowed to change lineups after 1 week of the series on the customary day. 
  • Transaction Limits - There is no "reset" of your weekly transaction limit during the extended series. If your league calls for a 4 transaction limit per week, managers will only be able to make 4 player adds/drops during the entire matchup.
  • Scoring - Stats are cumulative for the 2 weeks of the matchup - scores aren't reset after week 1 of the matchup.

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