2 week championship or matchup

Find yourself in a 2 week matchup? Here's what you'll want to know.

It's not possible to configure your league to have a 2 week championship series or matchup, however, it's possible it could still happen if the right conditions are met. 

2 week championship series or matchups only are offered if the fantasy matchup week is shorter than 4 days. In those circumstances, the week is combined with the previous week for Fantasy scoring.

If you're in a 2 week matchup, here's what you'll want to consider:

Lineup Changes - If your league allows weekly lineup changes, managers will be allowed to change lineups after 1 week of the series on the customary day. 

Transaction Limits - There is no "reset" of your weekly transaction limit during the extended series. If your league calls for a 4 transaction limit per week, managers will only be able to make 4 player adds/drops during the entire matchup.

Scoring - Stats are cumulative for the 2 weeks of the matchup, scores are not reset after week 1 of the matchup.