Fair play and sportsmanship rules for public leagues

We welcome our customers to play our fantasy games in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Fair Play & Sportsmanship rules

At Yahoo Sports we like to make sure we reward good sportsmanship, but we need your help. It's the team owner's responsibility to monitor activity within their leagues. If, as a team owner, you notice any suspicious or collusive activity in your league, please let us know immediately so that we can investigate and restore an even playing field.

Public leagues

Above all else, all league-related transactions will be executed with the intent of improving the owner's team and/or its standing within the league. To be sure there's no foul play, we require each public league fantasy team owner to agree to some rules.

No owner will:

  • Drop or "dump" players from their team with malicious intent. 
  • Engage in any action that may be deemed to be collusive.
    • Example: 2 or more owners agreeing to make moves that benefit 1 team, but not the other.
  • Make any roster moves (including waiver claims, trade proposals, etc.) whose sole purpose is to hamper the play of other owners.
    • Example: Streaming probable starting pitchers after reaching a league’s Innings Pitched limit to deny their use to other owners.
  • Take an action with the purpose of hindering fair play in a league.
    • Example: Benching your roster for a Fantasy week to ensure another team's victory.

Custom leagues

The above rules don't apply to Yahoo Custom Leagues, which are controlled solely by the league commissioner.

Penalties for spoil sports

Yahoo won't remove teams from leagues post-draft, but unsportsmanlike conduct may result in restrictions or removal of playing privileges for the offending owner.

Suspension of:

  • Specific game privileges (trading, message board posting, etc.) for the remainder of the season.
  • All playing privileges for the remainder of the season.
  • Complete deactivation and removal of the corresponding Yahoo Account.
  • Any other action that Yahoo, at its sole discretion, feels is necessary to restore fair play to the league.

  Keep it fun for everyone else! If you break the rules, Yahoo will take action against all teams associated with a Yahoo ID, including those in different leagues or Fantasy games.

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