Scoring points in Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head leagues

Are you ready to set up your own Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league and show your friends what a great team manager you are? Yahoo gives you several types of games and leagues to choose from, including our most popular option, Head-to-Head.

In a Head-to-Head League, your team competes against another manager's team to see who can compile the best statistics across various categories.

Head-to-head scoring is available for both Public and Custom Leagues. All Public Leagues use the same default settings, while Custom League commissioners can specify a number of settings, including roster size and stat categories.

Head-to-Head league scoring types

Not sure how you want to score your Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball league? Click one of our scoring options below to learn more.

Standard (categories)

Every Monday you start a new weekly matchup, consisting of a set number of games based on your league's statistical categories. Each stat category counts as one game, with the win going to the team that finishes the week with the highest total in that category (the cumulative total through Sunday's game).

Say, for example, your team hit more home runs than your opponent's did. You’d be credited with a victory for that week. However, if your opponent's team ended the week with more saves than your team, you would be charged with a loss. If the two teams end up tied in a given category, each would get credit for a tied game.

Example:  If Team 1 wins in AVG, ERA, HR, K, SB, W, and SV, giving Team 2 wins in RBI, R, and WHIP. This gives Team 1 a record of 7-3, while Team 2's would be 3-7.

Each weekly win-loss total is added to the cumulative season record, which is then used to determine team standings and playoff seedings.

Standings are based on your team's overall winning percentage, which is calculated by taking your win total and adding half of your tie total and dividing the sum by the total number of games your team has played.

One-Win Leagues

In One-Win leagues, the team that wins the most categories in the week gets one point.

Using the same example under "Standard" above, Team 1 would be 1-0, while Team 2 would be 0-1 for the week.


In each week's Head-to-Head matchup, teams will accrue fantasy points based on players in their starting lineups for each day.

Players on the bench for any given day will not accrue points, even if they play in an actual game.

The team that finishes the matchup with the highest total gets credit for a win while the opponent gets charged with a loss.

If the two sides end up tied in points, both teams get credit for a tie in the standings.