Roster positions and scoring settings in Yahoo Fantasy Sports

The scoring type and roster positions your league uses can impact your strategy when it comes to setting lineups. Make sure you understand your league's settings.

Access your league's scoring and settings

From your league's homepage, mouse over League | select Settings. All the settings and their values will display.

The style of scoring your league uses can be found next to "Scoring Type."

You'll find the Roster Positions your league is using near the bottom of the league settings page.

Scoring points

Point scoring for Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball is for "Head-to-Head - points" or "Points Only" leagues, not for "Head-to-Head" or "Head-to-Head - one win" leagues.

"Head-to-Head" leagues won't see points settings. They'll only see stat categories.

In "Head-to-Head" leagues, you get a single win for things like most goals, assists, power plays, etc.

Roster Positions

The "Roster Positions" section displays the starting roster configuration, as well as any bench or Disabled List (DL) or Injured Reserve (IR) positions, selected by the Commissioner.

Bench ("BN") positions don't count in fantasy scoring and can be occupied by players from any position.

Click a Fantasy Sport below to learn more about its IR or DL roster positions: