Score points in Fantasy Auto Racing

Scoring in Fantasy Auto Racing is updated the morning following the completion of a race including weekly point totals and group standings. Points are only earned by active drivers (not cars). Also, if a driver is replaced mid-race the driver who started will get the points.

Weekly finishes

Weekly finishes are based on your Fantasy Racing team finishes within your group and not real-life finishes.

  • Top Finisher - Receives Win, Top 5, and Top 10 finishes
  • 2nd through 5th - Receives Top 5 and Top 10 finishes
  • 6th through 10th - Receives Top 10 finishes
  • 11th and lower - Not eligible for a weekly finish

Earning bonus points

Except for the Daytona 500, bonus points are awarded during a race. Qualifying bonus points can be earned by drivers whether or not they're active. To earn 'Lap leader' and 'Most laps lead' bonus points the driver must be in your active lineup.

  • Top qualifier = 10 bonus points
  • Second qualifier = 5 bonus points
  • Third qualifier = 3 bonus points
  • Fourth qualifier = 1 bonus point
  • Lap leader = 10 bonus points
  • Most laps lead = 10 bonus points

Enable the lucky dog feature

Give your private group members a fighting chance by enabling the Lucky Dog feature in your group settings to drop their lowest scoring week in each segment. This only impacts your private group, not overall public standings.

  1. Load the group homepage.
  2. Click Commissioner Tools.
  3. Click Edit Group Settings.
  4. For the feature "Lucky Dog Scoring Setting," select Drop 1 Week.
  5. Click Submit.

Postponed or cancelled events

  • Race is officially canceled - Fantasy teams won’t receive any points for that race.
  • Delays or postponements - Points aren’t awarded until the qualifier or race is completed.
  • Qualifying is canceled - Starting grid is then determined by practice speeds. If practice was also canceled, then the starting grid is determined by Sprint Cup points standings. Either way, no qualifying bonus points will be awarded.

Scoring for new group members

New members carry any previously earned points into the group. Their score will be displayed as zero (0) until the next time your group standings update (generally after the next race or tournament). The new member's score will update to reflect all previously earned points.