Introduction to Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing

Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing is the premier way to keep track of your favorite NASCAR drivers throughout the race season. Find out what it takes to stay at the front of the pack including; how to sign up, join and create groups, what race notes mean, and how to use the commissioner tools.

Sign up for Fantasy Auto Racing

It’s quick and easy to sign up for Fantasy Auto Racing! Registration is open from early December through mid-September and the season is broken into 3 segments; Spring, Summer, and Playoffs.

Create, join, and leave groups

Create one roster of 8 racers and add them to 3 or fewer groups. Join and leave groups without penalty (your scoring carries over to new groups). Up to 50 players can compete in a private group, or join a “Fans of” group to challenge everyone who’s a fan of a specific NASCAR driver.

What race notes mean

Race notes are abbreviations that provide updates on racer status. This includes any drivers who haven’t entered or didn't qualify for an upcoming race.

Learn to use commissioner tools

Fantasy Auto Racing commissioner tools are only available if you create a private group. Once you’ve created a group you’ll get options that allow you to manage your group as you see fit. Click Commissioner Tools on your Fantasy Auto Racing group's homepage to view them.

How scoring works and ties are broken

Your weekly finish score in Fantasy Auto Racing is earned by all of the drivers in your active foursome based on their finishing position. If multiple players in a group finish a week, segment, or season with the same point total, we have a tiebreaker system to decide the winner.