Fair play rules and penalties in Yahoo Fantasy Public Leagues

Yahoo is committed to making our Fantasy games fair and fun for all those who play. To make sure everyone is playing with good intentions, we encourage managers to let us know immediately if you notice any suspicious or collusive activity in your league. Private Leagues are maintained by their commissioner and Yahoo won't interfere in league disputes.

Fair play rules

Yahoo requires all managers agree to some basic rules to keep things fair.

  • Don't engage in any collusive action.
  • Don't drop or dump players from their team with malicious intent.
  • Don't take any action where its purpose would hinder fair play in the league.
  • Don't make roster moves that will intentionally hamper the play of other managers.

Penalties for rule breakers

Yahoo won't remove teams from a league post-draft, however, we will restrict the offending manager by suspending aspects of their game, including:

  • Some or all league privileges, such as trading or editing their roster.
  • Deactivation and removal of their Yahoo Account from all leagues and Fantasy games.
  • Any other action that Yahoo, at our sole discretion, feels necessary to restore fair play.