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Go beyond the fundamentals with Company Insight

With Yahoo Finance Plus Essential, you can track how well a company is performing against its sector or market using the most comprehensive company view. Get exclusive data and research at your fingertips with easy to use visualizations. Examine performance in multiple key areas that may be leading indicators of company or industry performance.

  1. Go to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Enter a company name or ticker symbol in the "Search" bar.
  3. Select a quote from the search list.
  4. Click the Company Insight tab.

View the following company metrics:

  • Innovation: Trea's Innovation Index is a credit score-like indicator that measures a company’s innovation activities, including R&D coverage, momentum, potential and influence. This allows investors to gain insight into forward-looking innovation data without having to analyze complex patent, trademark, and other regulatory filings including FDA and research grants. 81% of the value of S&P 500 companies comes from intellectual property, and innovation activities are forward-looking and significantly impact a company’s financial performance.
  • Hiring: Greenwich HR aggregates job market data from public and private sources for over 1.5 million companies and their sectors. Job listings are tracked in real time and signal hiring action 1-3 months ahead, making them a predictive indicator of market and industry trends.
  • Insider Sentiment: Vicker's Insider Sentiment index provides insights into company officers and directors trading in their own stock. Insider trading data is collected from SEC Forms 3, 4, and 144.
  • Earnings: Refinitiv's I/B/E/S database provides the most complete global view of analyst forecasts on company performance. I/B/E/S estimates provide deeper insight and analysis on a product/segment basis with historical data through 1976. Estimate data is screened with the most rigorous quality control methods, across 22,000 active companies in 90 countries, and sourced from over 18,000 analysts. These are expressed via 260+ measures, including generic measures such as EPS and industry specific KPIs such as oil production per day.
  • Sustainability: Sustainalytics' ESG Ratings measure how well a company manages environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. It is designed to help investors identify and understand financially material ESG risks at the security and portfolio level and how well a company is managing those risks. The Total ESG Score is a quantitative score on scale of 1-100, based on a balanced scorecard. A higher score indicates the company is more effectively managing ESG issues. Environment, Social and Governance scores work similarly for their respective risk area. Controversy level is based on Sustainalytics' research which identifies companies involved in incidents and events that may negatively impact stakeholders, the environment or the company's operations. Controversies are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 denoting the most serious controversies with the largest potential impact.
  • Significant Developments: Refinitiv's Significant Developments highlight the most pertinent market-moving company news headlines. Comprehensive and timely event coverage brings together 66 different event types including earnings releases, conference logistics, company visits, and IPO filings. Global event coverage spans 30,000 companies and 100 sell-side firms in over 90 countries.
  • Dividends: Morningstar calculates dividend yield as the dividends per share over the trailing one-year period as a percentage of the current stock price. Dividend yield measures the income generated by investing in a stock and is compared to the sector and market median.