Customize your Football Pick'em group with commissioner tools

When you create your own pick'em group, you become the group's commissioner and gain access to an exclusive set of customization tools. Click Commish Tools to manage your group's members, edit your group's settings, and post commissioner notes.

  • Disqualify Games - Disqualify games from being counted in your group.
  • View Group Settings - Review the current settings for your group here.
  • Edit Commissioner Note - Edit the Commissioner note appearing on the Group Settings page.
  • Lock Group Members - Prevent any member from posting messages. Use this tool if a group member is acting unruly.
  • Invite Friends - Invite friends to join your group. Use this tool to make it easier for people to find your group.
  • Remove Group Members - Use this tool if someone has joined the group uninvited, or if a member has created multiple teams.
  • Edit Group Settings - Change the group password, pick settings, start week, deadline, and playoffs settings until first pick deadline.