Confidence points in College Bowl Pick'em

Confidence points are used to give a different weight to all the games in the college bowl season. You'll assign a unique point value from 1 to the total number of bowl games based on how strongly you feel about the accuracy of your selection. If your selection is correct, you'll receive points equal to the confidence point value you associated with that game.

So, if you pick Team "A" to beat Team "B", assign the game a confidence point value of 25, and Team "A" wins, you'd get 25 points for the correct pick, but no points if Team "B" wins. You don't lose points for an incorrect selection.

For each game choose who you think will win and then assign your confidence points, using the drop-down on the right, to that game.

There are two ways to adjust confidence values.

  •     The default method is Drag and Drop. In this mode, you can change a game's confidence level by sliding that game's row to a new point value. The confidence points for all other games will adjust automatically.
  •     If you would rather view games in date order, or if you do not have JavaScript enabled, you can edit your confidence values by switching to Classic mode. All confidence points are pre-selected in Classic mode, so choose a blank value from a game's drop down list to make those points available for another game.

Each confidence point value may be used only once. So if there are 35 bowl games, after you have assigned 35 points to your most confident game, your next highest available value is 34 points, etc.

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