Captain the bot assistant FAQ

Captain is a bot assistant that communicates via text messages and helps manage a list and reminders for you and those closest to you. Captain can set and share appointments, send you reminders, and update a family shopping list in real time.

To get started text “Hi” to 773-786 and Captain will text instructions on how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. Text “Hi” to 773-786 to start receiving texts from Captain.
  2. Tap I Agree to accept the terms.
  3. Captain will walk you through the 3 major functions:
    • Updating the shared shopping list.
    • Setting up reminders.
    • Adding family members to the group.

Learn more about adding family members and accepting Captain invites.

What can I have Captain do?

Captain has a whole bunch of tricks up its sleeve. Text "help" to Captain to find out more. We also have an overview of available commands.

Do I need a Yahoo account?

No. Captain is used entirely through text messaging so there’s no sign in required.

Are you collecting my data?

Captain collects the information users provide to set up their profiles, which can include names, phone numbers and email addresses. Yahoo keeps anonymized user dialogs for training models and product improvements. More about how this information is kept private can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Does Captain work outside the US?

Currently, Captain only works in the United States.

Does it work with my phone carrier?

Yes. Captain works with all mobile carriers who accept SMS short codes.

How do you protect user information?

Security at Yahoo provides more details on the security steps we take as well as steps you can take to protect data you share.

How does Captain know who to share the info with?

Captain will only share your list and reminders with people in your group. To invite family members, text “add member [name]” to 773-786. For example, you can text “add member Simon”, then Captain will send you the instructions to invite Simon to the group.

Will these texts affect my plan / increase my cell phone bill?

Standard text rates apply. If you have unlimited texting, you shouldn’t see any additional charges for using Captain.

How is Captain different from other virtual assistant products?

Captain is a family assistant bot that helps families streamline communications around shared activities and reminders. It combines text and group reminders to make it easier for families to set, assign and receive reminders for each other as well as update a shopping list in real-time. Text Captain at 776-786 to set up a timed reminder for your spouse to pick up the dry cleaning Friday morning or add milk to the family shopping list.

Does Captain integrate with any calendar, list or reminder app?

No. Captain stores your family’s shopping list and shared reminders. Your family can add, remove and query shared shopping list and reminders through text messages. Captain currently doesn't integrate with any apps.

Steps to solve common issues with Captain

Why isn't the Captain invite link I sent or received working?

We've seen this problem with Verizon Message+ and Google Hangouts on Android phones. Captain will send you an additional text message with a verification code. You can send the code directly to the family member you want to add.

Once you receive the new verification code, sent it to Captain at 773-786 to join your family group.

Why isn't Captain responding to text messages on my Sprint phone?

Most likely it's an issue with Sprint blocking you from texting short codes. To unblock it, please contact Sprint. You can call them at 1-888-211-4727 or follow the instructions on their support site.