Add attachments or stationery in Yahoo Mail for iOS

Add context and color to your emails for a more professional, impactful, or fun presentation. Use the Attachment Picker to add images and files or include stationery on your background.

  Linking Google Drive files - Permissions automatically change to "Anyone with the link can view."

  1. Tap the Compose icon Image of the Compose Icon..
  2. Tap on an option (from left to right):
    • Image for the Image search icon. Photos and videos - Items from your camera roll.
    • Image of the Mail Attachments icon. Recent attachments - Attachments from emails you've sent or received.
    • Image of cloud storage icon. Cloud storage - Link files from cloud storage services you've connected.
    • Image of animated GIF icon. Animated GIF - Browse popular online GIFs or search for something specific.
    • Image of stationery icon. Stationery - Add a background image or theme to your email.
  3. Tap one or more attachments (or tap a stationery).
  4. Tap Done to include it in your email.