Personal information in answers

Before you post a website, email, or personal information in "My Answers", please understand you cannot spam, advertise, or solicit on Answers. Please use common sense.

  • Personal websites or email - Sometimes it is helpful to include personal links or an email address in the answer when it is directly related to the answer you’re giving. The preferred method is to provide the information on your profile page.
    - If you host sponsored ads on your site, try not to post links in every answer. 
  • Personal information - Please remember that Answers is a live site. Any personal information you post can be found by anyone on the Internet, so please use discretion. You can sign your answers with your name as long as it's not in violation of other rules or guidelines.
  • Business websites or email - Professionals and business owners can provide valuable knowledge and experiences on Answers. By providing great answers, you build credibility and positive brand image. You can provide your business URL and contact information on your profile page. However, please do not link to purchase pages in your answers or answer questions directly related to purchases that can be made at your business.