Block someone on Yahoo Answers

Keep your Yahoo Answers experience fun and informative. If you're having trouble with another community member, block them.

Three ways to add someone to your Blocked List

They'll lose access to your Network, your Q&A via your public profile page, and no longer see an option to contact you via Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Mail.

  1. Tap the profile picture of the person you've chosen to block to go to their Yahoo Answers profile.
  2. From the person's profile banner page, find and click Block.
    If you're currently following the person you'd like to block, you'll first need to unfollow them.

You also can block community members after receiving a Yahoo Answers message from them. To do this, follow the link in the email which points back to their profile page, and then click Block.

  Tip: Blocking someone doesn't stop that person from contacting you directly through Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Mail.