Explore the Yahoo Finance app for Android

Look up quotes, get the latest financial news, and manage your portfolio lists on Android.

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Explore the Yahoo Finance app

Sign in

When you sign in you can access your portfolios in the app, and sync your watchlist across all your mobile devices that have the app installed.

  1. Tap the Menu icon .
  2. Tap Sign in.
  3. Tap your Yahoo account to sign in. If you don't see your Yahoo account, tap Add Account and follow the on-screen instructions.

View and manage portfolio lists

Switch lists

  1. On the app home page, tap the current list name to see all your lists.
  2. Tap another list name.
  3. Tap Basic or Details to see more information.

Create, edit, or delete a list

While viewing a list tap the More icon.

  • Tap New list to make a new list.
  • Tap Edit symbols, Add symbol, Customize columns, or Rename list to edit the list.
  • Tap Reorder A to Z to reorder the list.
  • Tap Currency to select a different holdings currency.
  • Tap Delete list to remove the list you're viewing. This also removes it from the desktop site.

Follow a symbol and check a quote

Look up a symbol

  1. Tap the Search icon .
  2. Enter a symbol.
  3. Tap the symbol you'd like to view.

See a symbol's key statistics

  1. Look up a symbol's quote and tap it (steps above).
  2. Go to the bottom of the quote and tap View more data.

Follow symbols in a Watchlist

  1. Tap the Search icon .
  2. Enter a symbol.
  3. Tap the Follow icon .
  4. Tap the list you want to add the symbol to.

Read news

There are a couple of ways you can get news.

  • Scroll down on the "Home" tab to see news about the tickers in your watchlist.
  • Tap News for broader market news that's not specific to the tickers in your watchlist.

See market data

  1. Tap Markets.
  2. Tap U.S., Europe, or Asia to see regional indices.
  3. You'll see charts, market securities, and metrics broken up by type and sector.
  4. Tap a specific security or metric to get more detail.

Send feedback or report a problem

  1. Tap the Menu icon.
  2. Tap Send feedback.
  3. Tap the app you'd like to send the email from.
  4. Enter your feedback in the body of the email.
  5. Tap Send.