Get started with LastPass Premium from Yahoo

LastPass Premium offers a strong password generator, password storage, and auto-fill as well as advanced features like item sharing, emergency access, and priority tech support. Maximize your password protection today, start your 30-day free trial of LastPass Premium by Yahoo.

Strong protection

Storage - Keep all your usernames and passwords in one secure place.

Auto-fill - Sign in to LastPass and all your other logins are auto-populated so you don’t have to remember them or be denied access for typing them wrong.

Password generator - Don’t select passwords that hackers can figure out. Use the generator to create secure, randomized passwords that you won’t need to remember.

Advanced features

Item sharing - Give access to others to see your username and password for a specific site in your vault. Like letting your kids see the login info for the family Netflix account.

Access to help - Premium customers get priority tech support and enabled emergency access to their account. Get the help you need to get into your saved accounts.

Multi-step verification - Employ additional steps for accessing your most sensitive accounts. Set up a text or email verification for things like your bank account to further increase the level of security.

Store application logins - In addition to your browser logins, you can also store all your Windows application sign-in info with LastPass Premium.