Waivers in Fantasy Football

New to Fantasy Football, or just not sure how your placement on the waiver wire is determined? Here's what you'll need to know.

How waivers work

During certain periods of time, unclaimed players become subject to a waiver system that gives each league manager a fair shot to pick them up.

After the draft, each manager in the league is assigned a waiver priority (usually in reverse order of draft position) for use in making waiver claims.

While a player is on waivers, every manager is provided the same opportunity to claim the player for their roster. The manager with the highest waiver priority making a claim on a player gets to add the player to their team. In Public or Pro leagues, the manager that adds a player from waivers is subsequently moved to the end of the waiver priority order for the league.

If no one claims a player before the end of the waiver period, the player becomes a free agent and can be added by any manager in the league. Learn more about how waiver priority is determined

Put in a waivers claim

If a manager puts in a claim for a player who is dropped prior to weekly waivers going into effect, the waiver claim will process once the weekly waiver period is over.

When multiple teams claim the same player, the team that's highest on the priority list will get the player.

Learn about Fantasy Football's weekly waiver types and time frames.

Dropped players to waivers

If you drop a player from your team, they're placed on waivers. You'll need to wait for a player to clear waivers before you can reclaim them.

Find out the waiver period for dropped players

Dropped players without claims

If managers don't place claims on dropped players whose waiver period clears during weekly waivers, the players will stay on waivers through 11:59pm PT Tuesday due to the weekly waiver rule.

Waivers and free agents

In Public and Pro leagues, unclaimed free agents are subject to waivers at specific times during the season.

Weekly waiver start times

  • Free agents playing in a game - Waivers begin once their game begins and end at 11:59pm PT on Tuesday.
  • Free agents on a bye week - Waivers begin at 5:30pm PT on Monday and end at 11:59pm PT on Tuesday.

Other waiver periods during the season

  • Post-draft - 2 days
  • When a player is dropped by an owner - 2 days
  • When a player is added to the game by Yahoo Sports - 2 days

Once a waiver period is over, claims will process and display on the league's transactions log within a few hours. During the lag time, free agent acquisitions won't affect the waiver priority order.

Other Fantasy Football waivers info

Options and settings

Waivers (non-weekly) during the season