Two-step verification for extra account security

Add an extra layer of protection to your Yahoo account with two-step verification. Two-step verification uses both your password and an extra security code to verify your identity whenever you sign in to your account. If someone else tries to access your account, even if they can guess your password, they still won’t be able to get in without using two-step verification.

Two-step verification will only trigger the first time you use your device or if you’ve recently cleared your browser’s cache. If you lose your mobile phone, please sign in using a device we recognize.

Some 3rd party apps, such as iOS Mail, Android Mail, and Outlook, don't work with two-step verification enabled. To use these apps, you'll need to generate an app-specific password.

Turn two-step verification on or off

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Account info page.
  2. Click Account security.
  3. Under "Two-step verification," click the On/Off icon.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. To enable two-step verification, you’ll need to verify your mobile number. Click Send SMS to receive a text message with an Account Key, or Call me to receive a phone call with your code.
  6. Enter the verification code, click Verify.

You're verified now.

Want to turn it off? Simply click the On/Off icon under "Two-step verification" in the same place you did to turn it on. After disabling two-step verification, you'll no longer get notifications when you access your account from a new location.

Another option for added account security is Yahoo Account Key. Learn more in the Account Key introduction.

Some third-party apps don't work with two-step verification, and will require you to generate a separate "App Password" to connect with Yahoo. They include:

  • Mail apps like iOS Mail, Android Mail, and Outlook
  • Some Yahoo apps like Messenger on PC

If you've turned on two-step verification, Account Key, or on-demand passwords, or if you use another email app to access Yahoo Mail, you'll need to create an app password specifically for that app.