Clearing the Security Breach Alert

If you're contacting us because you're unable to clear the security breach alert, click the X in the upper-right hand corner or press the escape key on your keyboard to clear the message. This should clear the alert and allow you to view your mail.

"ID is not yet taken" error when signing in

If you received a notice when signing in that the ID is not yet taken, this error is often temporary and you should be able to access your account shortly.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Look for a space that may have been inadvertently added before or after your Yahoo ID.
  • Please attempt to sign in from the following Yahoo locations:
  • Clearing your browser's cookies may also resolve this issue.  
  • Sign in to each of these links from a different browser or computer, to help eliminate the possibility of an issue with your computer's configuration settings.

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