Clearing the Security Breach Alert

If you're contacting us because you're unable to clear the security breach alert, click the X in the upper-right hand corner or press the escape key on your keyboard to clear the message. This should clear the alert and allow you to view your mail.

Export your Yahoo Contacts

If you want to add your Yahoo Contacts to a different account, or use them on a device that doesn't support CardDAV, you can export them to a .csv or .vcf file. Once you've exported your Yahoo Contacts, you can import them to almost any other email program.

Export to .csv or .vcf

To export your contacts, you'll need to log into your Yahoo Mail account from a Yahoo supported browser.

  Important: Contacts imported from Facebook won't be exported.

  1. Click the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon..
    - Your Yahoo Contacts appear.
  2. Click Actions | select Export.
  3. Select a format:
    • Microsoft Outlook - Creates a .csv file designed for Outlook's import feature.
    • Netscape/Thunderbird - Creates a text file designed for Thunderbird's import feature.
    • Yahoo CSV - Creates a standard .csv file, compatible with most email programs.
    • vCard Single File - Use this if your email program supports .vcf files and you'll be importing all contacts.
    • vCard, Zip of .VCF files - Use this if your email program supports .vcf files and you'll be importing only some of your contacts. 
  4. Click Export Now.

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