Clearing the Security Breach Alert

If you're contacting us because you're unable to clear the security breach alert, click the X in the upper-right hand corner or press the escape key on your keyboard to clear the message. This should clear the alert and allow you to view your mail.

I received a request for my account or credit card information

If you receive a phishing email requesting information about your Yahoo account and/or credit card details:
  • Do not respond - This email isn't from Yahoo.
  • If you've already supplied your account details - Let our abuse team know immediately. See our support options for more assistance.

After receiving a phishing email

If you've already entered your information into a suspicious message or webpage, you should immediately change your password and update any other information you provided. For more information, see our help articles about:

Yahoo doesn't proactively request account or credit card details

  • Your account details, credit card details, and password are your own confidential information. Do not share those details unless you directly reach out to Yahoo for account help like billing or forgotten password
  • No Yahoo employee will ever ask you for your password by phone, email, or other personal information. Don't share your password if you're ever asked for it.

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