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Why do I get "This account has already been linked to a Yahoo Account" when I try to connect my Google or Facebook account to a Yahoo Account?

When attempting to connect your Google or Facebook account to a Yahoo Account, you may encounter the following error:

  • (4091000000) - This account has already been linked to a Yahoo Account


This error message is received if the Google or Facebook ID that you are using has already been connected to a Yahoo Account or a Yahoo service.

To correct this issue, you will first need to remove the existing connection for your Google or Facebook account.

    To disconnect your Google or Facebook account from Yahoo:

  1. Sign in to the Yahoo Account Information Page.
  2. On the sign in form, select Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook.
  3. Enter your Google or Facebook login information.
  4. Select Manage Other Accounts to sign in.
  5. Select Remove next to the Google or Facebook icon. A pop-up dialog box will open prompting you to confirm the action.
  6. When finished, select on Sign Out at the top of the page.

After following these instructions, you should no longer receive an error when connecting your Google or Facebook information to the desired Yahoo Account.  

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