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Ways to securely access Yahoo Mail

By default, we block access to Yahoo Mail from outdated apps that could leave your account vulnerable. If we sent you an email indicating that your app is using outdated security protocols or you're unable to log in from an older app, you still have several options available to you.

Password errors and access issues in older POP and IMAP clients

If you try to use Yahoo Mail in an older email client that uses POP or IMAP, you might get a "Server password has changed" or an "Authentication failed" error message. This is because those email apps use outdated security protocols and we've disabled access to them by default now.

Use a secure option to access Yahoo Mail

Give access to outdated third-party mail apps

If you use Yahoo two-step verification, Account Key or an older email app, you may need to use an app password to access Yahoo Mail. Just remember, this is not intended for permanent access and you'll want to download the Yahoo Mail app or upgrade to the latest version of your third-party mail app.

Learn how to generate third-party app passwords.