Login history locations for your Yahoo account

"Recent activity" records the times and locations of each sign-in to your account, which can help you investigate if you think there's been unauthorized access.

See your account's "Recent activity"

  1. Go to your Yahoo account info.
  2. Click Recent activity.
    - The most recent logins to your account show.

Recent activity is broken up into sections including:

  1. "Devices and browsers"
  2. "Third party email and calendar applications"
    • These are applications that you elected to use your Yahoo account.
  3. "Recent account access changes"
  4. "Recent updates to your account info.

Each section includes the location and time of access. Account access changes and updates will list what was changed and provide a timestamp.


 Mobile providers and Internet proxies can sometimes appear in your "Recent activity" showing a different geographic location than where you actually are. This can result in a login event looking suspicious even if it was you.

If you're concerned about unauthorized access, look for activity that you don't recognize.

Manage your location

You can view your private location history in 30-day intervals through the preferences section of your account settings. This page helps Yahoo to show you content, suggestions and search results that are most relevant to you. 

  1. Sign in to your account. 
  2. Click Preferences | select Locations and languages
  3. Click Manage my location history

On this page, you can:

  • Turn your Location History on or off. 
  • Use the map to zoom in on specific areas and regions. 
  • Delete all data or for the date range you've selected using the "Actions" drop-down menu. 

IP addresses and what they mean

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number given to a device that uses the Internet Protocol to communicate. If you always access your account from the same computer, the IP addresses you see should be the same or at least start with the same two sets of numbers (for example, "209.16.xx.xx").

If you see an IP address that's very different from your usual IP address, it could mean that you've recently signed in from a different location. If that's not the case, then someone else may have accessed your account and you'll want to secure it using the steps below. 

Protect your account

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