Change Yahoo account language and location settings

Do you want to modify the language setting or location preferences on your account? Below, we cover how to change your language from an unwanted language and set your location preferences. You can also read on for an explanation of how location data privacy works. 

Update language settings

You can add or delete your account's language setting. 

Add language

  1. Go to your Locations and languages page.
  2. Click the down arrow in the second field to see a list of available languages. 
  3. Select your language. 
  4. Click Add

Remove language

If your account is ever hacked, your Yahoo Mail or other Yahoo pages may appear in another language. Don't worry, though, you can follow the same steps above to fix it.

Not signed in? Your location preferences will only be saved across devices when signed in. Any preferences saved while you're not signed in won't be saved to your Account Settings and will be lost if you clear your browser's cookies./p>

Update location settings

Change current location 

From the "Locations and languages" page, you can view and manage all of the locations that are used to personalize your Yahoo pages, like Weather, Local, or Movies.

  1. Enter your city or ZIP code in the search box.
  2. Click the down arrow in the first field to see a list of available languages. 
  3. Click Add.
  4. Deselect the location to remove it.

There are four ways your location is determined: 

  • Current location: If you give permission to use your location, we use the address provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Detect: We realize that we don't get your location right every time, so you can help us by clicking Detect. We'll remember it until you move locations or click Detect again.
  • Timezone: Your timezone is automatically set based upon your current location.
  • Add/Remove Favorites: Your Favorite locations give you easy access to locations of your interest on Yahoo.

Add favorite location

All location data is private. We won't share it with your friends or contacts or post it publicly without your permission. Usage of this information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Turn "History Location" on or off

  1. Under the first field, find "Manage my location history." 
  2. Select or deselect On or Off

Your "Location History" is a private list of the places you've visited and helps us show you relevant content. You can enable or disable the feature, and you can also modify the display dates for this history. 


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