Yahoo Account videos

This article gives you links to all our great Yahoo Account videos. Watch one--or watch them all--to learn more about protecting your Yahoo Account and troubleshooting common account issues.

Protecting your account

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Using on-demand passwords
Remembering passwords is a hassle. Let Yahoo take care of it with on-demand passwords. We'll send you a password to your mobile device whenever you need one to sign in.

Signing in to Yahoo

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Tips for entering CAPTCHA codes
If you're having problems viewing, reading, or entering the security (CAPTCHA) image - this video can help. Spammers and hackers use computer programs to pose as Yahoo account owners. CAPTCHA is a security feature we use to protect your account from them.

If you have problems...

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I think someone else has accessed my Yahoo account
If you think someone else has accessed your account, this video shows you what to do to secure it again.

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Reset your language
In some circumstances, you might see Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo products in a language you didn't expect. This video shows you how to change the language used in the Yahoo interface.

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Fixing browser-related problems for PC
Learn to fix the most common browser-related problems people have when using Yahoo. We show how to clear cookies and cache for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Once you've done that, we show you where to update your browser.

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